Sunday, August 3, 2008

January to May....

(SO- I am still figuring out all the new blog extra's like slide shows and music and stuff, so it doesn't all line up right now but be patient, at least I'm trying!)

January- Mary started Nursing school- hence the ignored blog.(BUT I did make the Honor Society (Phi Theta Kappa) and the President's list, so I wasn't goofing off!

February- Kent went skiing in Denver with Okie friends.

Hillary, James and Kent.

March- Spring Break brought a well deserved "Girls Weekend" of shopping at the outlets in San Marcos, for me. Sorry no pic's but I have a dent in our budget to prove it!!! BUT my biggest hilight for March was my new car, an Acura MDX, I finally got a car that I can car pool in and didn't have to get a van to do it!! 'Sheila' Kent's commuter car, died and had to go to 'car heaven', but that made way for my new ride which I totally love!!!!

Thanks Sheila! You were great, we will always remember the good times!

My new ride!

The boys spring break we were able to make a short trip to Dallas to see Benj's Family for Easter! And Nana and Papa came down from Oklahoma. We dyed eggs and went on a crazy egg hunt at a park in Dallas! And an even better egg hunt from the Okie Easter bunny at the park at Benj's complex. Let's just say easter will never be as great as it can be unless Nana and Papa are there...(Thanks to the awesome Easter Bunnies!)

Kent was able to go to the NCAA Wrestling Championships with half of his college teammates and their coach, and of course none of them took a camera, but they did have a blast and I heard stories I could have done without...

April- We made a quick trip to Edmond, OK. for Brad and Yvette's first born-Brody's baby blessing, and Dallas the next weekend to see Aunt Sissy and Uncle Steven at Benj and Gretchen's pad.(Sorry no pic.'s but Brad and Yvette have Brody all over their blog...cute guy, definatley worth checking out!)

May- A BIG MONTH, with last days of school for the boys and I, surgery and Trey's 7th Birthday. The kidney's were acting up durning my finals and I had the surgery on the 23rd, Nana (Kent's mom) came to my aid and took care of us while I enjoyed some rather unenjoyable tests and the surgery, we'll leave it at that...(really you wouldn't want the pictures I have...)

Braden's last day of school...

Trey's last day of school, It is true what they say about Texas, everything here is bigger, especially when it comes to kindergarten graduations!!

Needless to say, I don't think the little boys were the only ones with crushes on their kindergarten teacher, I think quite a few dad's did too! All joking aside, Mrs. Korley was an amazing teacher and Trey adored her!

Also at Trey's graduation, about 4 feet from Braden and I, was a unexpected visitor...

Thanks to the school janitor and school nurse, he was 'disposed' of...

Last Big Event in May was Trey-man's Birthday! We celebrated at the pool, and Uncle Brad, Yvette and the Brodster were able to be there. It was alot of fun and he really was king for the day. I made his cake, it is the Transformer 'Ironhide' in his truck form, that's what he wanted. It was my first time using fondant, but I was really happy with how it turned out!

Trey's Birthday bike, and "it has a kickstand!"

Kent and Brad protecting the food...

Aunt Yvette, Trey, Brody and Uncle Brad.

The 'men' chillin' in the kiddie pool.

Blowin' out the candle!

The cake...

SO NOW I HAVE POSTED an update, I can't promise that I will do this every week, but I will try and post at least once a month. Next Sunday I am going to update our summer vacation, we took TONS of pictures so be prepared, now you'll wish I hadn't updated! Adios for now!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We're Baaaack, FINALLY!

OK, OK, I have taken enough crap from everyone for never updating, but hopefully through the next few days I can catch everyone up on what we've been up to and more importantly why I do not qualify as a slacker!!!

To start- the rest of December was quite AWESOME! Our Hi- lights include:(in no particular order, remember I still have almost 6 months to catch up on...)

~The cruise to St. Martin, St. Thomas, and Puerto Rico with Kent's family the week before Christmas. ~AND that meant Gramp and Nonnie and Aunt Whitney were able to come and have a Texas Christmas with us, they watched they boys while kent and I were off scuba diving, 4-wheeling around the islands and stuffing ourselves with food! SO much fun, then we came home and enjoyed a great Christmas with everyone!

Friday, December 28, 2007

December Highlights!

1. We skipped the Christmas Tree Farm this year and opted for a beautiful tree from good 'ole Home Depot. It cost half the money and took half the time, which was great with me in the middle of finals!
2. Yes! We think we have the most amazing boys! At 5 and 6 they lifted the 7ft. tree a foot off the ground to carry it to the car! We love our little Supermen!
3. This was a mommy day out at the Woodlands pavilion with my guys! We went to the book store where they got to pick out a book and we had bagels and hot chocolate and rode the trolley (that looks like Percy from Thomas the train) it was a great day!
4. Making Christmas cookies with our friend Gianluca Maggiora, quite the ordeal with 3 little men, there was flour every where!
5. This is Braden's imitation of a transformer - Optimus Prime to be exact. Stage 1
Stage 2...
Stage 3
Stage 4, I love it when he does this, it gets better every time!

6. Braden's class Party, he got out first and the girls joined him shortly after and he said, 'hey I need a boy, there are to many girdles(that's how he says girls)'!
Braden out first, so lonely...
Braden and his teacher Mrs. McClanahan.
Braden and Nonnie(my Mom) making a 'candy can' for the tree.
7. Braden's School program, for those of you that don't know, his preschool program is at Spring Baptist Church. He's learned lots of 'interesting things' they sang 'Go tell it on the Mountain' with arm gestures and all, and they also sang 'Happy Birthday Jesus'. Very cute, very Baptist, with lots of Hallelujahs and Amens! But the teachers are great and really love the kids, and he has really enjoyed it.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving in Oklahoma!

Yadon, Trey holding Brooks and Braden at Nana and Papa's.
Trey serenading all of us dancing after presents, this kid has some moves!

One Hot Mama dressed up in one of her new outfits and ready for a night out with Papa!

We spent the week in Oklahoma and had a great time with ALL of the Bowman Clan. The boys enjoyed being with their cousins Yadon and Brooks, and Brody(still in utero). We also celebrated Christmas while we were there so Nana wouldn't miss out on her grand-babies opening their gifts. We had a great time, Kent played in the annual Turkey Bowl football game at the high school, even though Benj and Brad wussed out! Yeah that's right I said it!!!! And I have to say the high light for the boys was cutting firewood in the back 64 acres! The 'sister's' and I got to take Mama B on a shopping spree and set her up with a whole new wardrobe! She looks amazing and loved all of her new clothes. It was great to see her prance around and feel as beautiful as we all know and think she is! And needless to say I don't think we all could have left soon enough for Papa..... We ended our Christmas exchange with a little dancing in the living room to Michael Bubble' and Trey jumped up on the ottoman and lipsinced(sp?) to the music! What a ham! Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!

Monday, November 12, 2007

A Nana-rific Week!

Halloween was so much fun with Nana(Kent's Mom)! The boys were able to go Trunk or Treating with our ward, and then our street had a block party on Halloween and lined up all of our candy in chairs while we ate and talked. All the neighbors let the boys take as much candy as they wanted and their bags were FULL by the end of the night and they didn't even have to go door to door! So- Braden did go as Captain Jack Sparrow and left his mustache and goatee on until it was time to chow down! And Trey went as Thomas the Train... AGAIN! They had a blast and so did Kent and I, and Nana was here for all the fun and really made our Halloween extra special! We had quite a busy week with class parties(we made spider cupcakes), the ward party, Braden had a friends dress-up Birthday party, we celebrated Nana's Birthday(I made a witches hat shaped cake) and Halloween night! WHEW! Hopefully Nana wasn't to worn out when she got home! We can't wait for Turkey day, having Nana around is so much fun! Thanks for a GREAT week Nana! LOL-MJ and the boys!