Sunday, August 3, 2008

January to May....

(SO- I am still figuring out all the new blog extra's like slide shows and music and stuff, so it doesn't all line up right now but be patient, at least I'm trying!)

January- Mary started Nursing school- hence the ignored blog.(BUT I did make the Honor Society (Phi Theta Kappa) and the President's list, so I wasn't goofing off!

February- Kent went skiing in Denver with Okie friends.

Hillary, James and Kent.

March- Spring Break brought a well deserved "Girls Weekend" of shopping at the outlets in San Marcos, for me. Sorry no pic's but I have a dent in our budget to prove it!!! BUT my biggest hilight for March was my new car, an Acura MDX, I finally got a car that I can car pool in and didn't have to get a van to do it!! 'Sheila' Kent's commuter car, died and had to go to 'car heaven', but that made way for my new ride which I totally love!!!!

Thanks Sheila! You were great, we will always remember the good times!

My new ride!

The boys spring break we were able to make a short trip to Dallas to see Benj's Family for Easter! And Nana and Papa came down from Oklahoma. We dyed eggs and went on a crazy egg hunt at a park in Dallas! And an even better egg hunt from the Okie Easter bunny at the park at Benj's complex. Let's just say easter will never be as great as it can be unless Nana and Papa are there...(Thanks to the awesome Easter Bunnies!)

Kent was able to go to the NCAA Wrestling Championships with half of his college teammates and their coach, and of course none of them took a camera, but they did have a blast and I heard stories I could have done without...

April- We made a quick trip to Edmond, OK. for Brad and Yvette's first born-Brody's baby blessing, and Dallas the next weekend to see Aunt Sissy and Uncle Steven at Benj and Gretchen's pad.(Sorry no pic.'s but Brad and Yvette have Brody all over their blog...cute guy, definatley worth checking out!)

May- A BIG MONTH, with last days of school for the boys and I, surgery and Trey's 7th Birthday. The kidney's were acting up durning my finals and I had the surgery on the 23rd, Nana (Kent's mom) came to my aid and took care of us while I enjoyed some rather unenjoyable tests and the surgery, we'll leave it at that...(really you wouldn't want the pictures I have...)

Braden's last day of school...

Trey's last day of school, It is true what they say about Texas, everything here is bigger, especially when it comes to kindergarten graduations!!

Needless to say, I don't think the little boys were the only ones with crushes on their kindergarten teacher, I think quite a few dad's did too! All joking aside, Mrs. Korley was an amazing teacher and Trey adored her!

Also at Trey's graduation, about 4 feet from Braden and I, was a unexpected visitor...

Thanks to the school janitor and school nurse, he was 'disposed' of...

Last Big Event in May was Trey-man's Birthday! We celebrated at the pool, and Uncle Brad, Yvette and the Brodster were able to be there. It was alot of fun and he really was king for the day. I made his cake, it is the Transformer 'Ironhide' in his truck form, that's what he wanted. It was my first time using fondant, but I was really happy with how it turned out!

Trey's Birthday bike, and "it has a kickstand!"

Kent and Brad protecting the food...

Aunt Yvette, Trey, Brody and Uncle Brad.

The 'men' chillin' in the kiddie pool.

Blowin' out the candle!

The cake...

SO NOW I HAVE POSTED an update, I can't promise that I will do this every week, but I will try and post at least once a month. Next Sunday I am going to update our summer vacation, we took TONS of pictures so be prepared, now you'll wish I hadn't updated! Adios for now!!!


Isaura said...

i'm stalking you from eva's blog. i love the picture of yvette, brody and brad's farmer tan.
awesome cake. do you ever watch ace of cakes?? love that show.
take care

becky ward said...

man, you are such a smarty pants! way to go with school. i was so happy to see an update from you. sounds like you have had a very eventful six months. i would say that your fondant cake turned out really great! nice work! it's fun to see more pictures of you. a cruise sounds heavenly...lucky dog!

Dabell Family said...

Hi Mary! I am blog hopping and found you, it is fun to see what is happening with people! You have a cute family! Way to go with school and that cake looks fantastic!!

Elizabeth said...

What a perfect update! I'm so proud of you Mar! I've seen most of those pics except the ones of Trey's party & graduation. TOO CUTE! I miss those boys and can't wait to see them at the cabin! You guys are still going right? And not pooping out like the rest of the fam?

Meichelle said...

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You should check it out!!